Making a Pact For Magic

Do you know why for the longest time my tagline for BOOM was "Fuck it, I choose magic?" 

It was because I made a decision, to choose magic. 

And I decided to choose magic when I was still an attorney.

Which is forbidden. 

But there I was, day 7 of a meditation retreat. My soul exposed. The bullshit stripped away. I was no longer an attorney. No longer an actor. No longer Bryce. I was simply me.

And being me, I realized a true belief in magic. Something I had hidden so deeply, that even acknowledging it was painful. 

Magic is for children. It is make believe. It is the stuff of fairytales. It is not reality. 

Yet, there it was. The purest of pure knowings that it did exist. 

And it was mine for the taking. 

So, I said to God, or the Divine, or Buddha, or Whoever or Whatever is up there, "You know what, I'll play your game. Ahh fuck it, I CHOOSE MAGIC!"

It was my pact. That I would never forget that golden truth burning inside me where dreams explode, realities change, and miracles flow. 

And now I pose to you, in these early days of 2018, what is your pact? What is your, "fuck it, I choose magic?"

Choose wisely...for it may come true.



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