20 hours of darkness

Light always finds a way. 

I recently did a 20hr total darkness meditation with a few friends. Total. Absolute. Darkness. 

As the darkness set in, we started noticing tiny beams of light in the room. 

We patched them up and went back to our practices. 

An hour later, we were deeper into the darkness, more light. 

So we patched that up. 

16 hours in total darkness. It was getting real now.

I'm talking a level of darkness that was so confronting. So claustrophobic that I was starting to crack.

But then, a minuscule, almost imperceptible light popped up.

The whole point is to totally surrender to absolute darkness for an extended period of time. 

I was close. For about 15hrs I did. But I won't lie, when I saw that light, I rejoiced. No matter the size.

The point is, even at the darkest layers of life, there is always light. Always.

And even when the room was completely steeped in darkness, there was a light in me, ready to explode.

All I had to do was surrender to it. 

Light always finds a way.



Bryce KennedyComment