The Simplicity of Simplicity

My clients are thinkers. They love to think. 

And that's good. Until it isn't.

The mind gets bogged down. Always thinking. A cloud of neurosis. 

And one main reason this happens is because of complexity. We make things complex. 

Society tells us it should be complex. We need degrees. We need likes. We need hard work. We need long hours. We need stuff. We need pills. We need tv. We need happy hours. We need not to miss out. We need it all. 

And with this toxicity of need, things get complex. 

We get tangled in a web. And we lose ourselves. Sometimes forever. 

So, what do we do?


With almost every single client, we simplify. 

Simplify your needs. Thoughts. Drama. Love. Hate. Emotions. Money. Wants. 


So, take a breath. Come on, a BIG OL' breath. Hold it. 10 seconds. Then let it out. Do it again. BIG OL' BREATH. 10 seconds. Release. 

Simple is powerful. Trust me on this. From a man who thrived on complexities. Simple is it. 

Water is life. 

Breathing is energy. 

Food is fuel. 

Nature is nourishing. 

Sun is replenishing. 

Our bodies are a temple. 




Bryce KennedyComment