Bloody, Bruising, Starlight

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Starlight above. It's there. We know it. It's pure. It's radiant. It shines in the darkness of the universe. 

It is ours. We must reach for it though. We can not simply sit in a lawn chair from below and hope that we become it. 

The only way to become it is to claim it. To get off the chair, point to the night sky and with the willpower of the cosmos say,

You. Are. Mine.

And then go after it with every fiber of our being. 

It's easy to describe this starlight. To tell tales of it. To teach other people how to reach it. To write instagram quotes about it. To read books about it. 


It is not the same as claiming it. 

It is not the same as going after it. 

And going after it... it's bloody. It's bruising. It's muddy. It's scary. It's opening. It's truth. It's real. It's breathing. It's roaring. It's weeping. 

It's you. 

It's the starlight. And that is the journey. 




Bryce KennedyComment