Please meet the fearless woman called "ThunderFury."

First, a legal disclosure: Don't be daft and think in any way I am condoning not choosing to undergo chemotherapy based on this post. Listen to your doctor and be educated in your choices...

That said, I want to tell you a little story about a woman I met at brunch the other day. We will call this woman, ThunderFury, because that was the energy she brought with her. Let us begin. 

The day was rainy. The winds were fierce. It was Saturday and a group of random people were meeting for brunch at The Smith on third. We were pulled together by a common friend who was in town and wanted to see everyone before returning to her home in New Zealand. Brunch was nice. I had eggs benedict. I also had an iced coffee. A group of us got to talking and had a lovely morning. Then...

Without warning, ThunderFury rolls in like The Titanic crashing into the iceberg, there were casualties in her wake. Big, wild, beaming, energy. She was drinking vodka, club soda, with a tea bag in the glass. People knew ThunderFury. How couldn't you. She was a direct descendent of Thor the ThunderGod. I didn't know her but I was curious as to why she had a tea bag in her drink. So, I got up the courage and asked why this tea bag. "Because I don't want any fucking sugar in my drink." Made sense. But why the tea bag? "Because I hate the taste of vodka." Ok. Fair. But what about the sugar you're eating in your brioche french toast? "Yeah, I have stage 4 cancer and I refuse to give up everything good." 


The tea bag was lost in sea of gasps. ThunderFury dropped the bomb she had stage 4 cancer as casually as someone asking about a tea bag in a vodka drink. Then the following was spoken by ThunderFury. 

"Yeah, I have stage 4 cancer. It's not a big fucking deal. Look, I'm not going to die. I'm going to be ok." Do you have to get treatment. "Yeah, I have fucking stage 4 cancer."

Of course.

"But one thing I'm not going to do is fucking chemotherapy. This ass fucking surgeon comes in and says that if I don't I am going to die. I don't listen to this clown. Is he an oncologist? Is he my doctor that I've been working with? Is he the smartest man for the job? Fuck no. You know why? Because he was some bitch ass doctor that had only one treatment for me and it was chemo fucking therapy. Arrogant mother fucker" 


"And I told this fucker to get out of my room. Chemotherapy ain't happening. Chemotherapy is non-negotiable. I am not afraid to die. Take me now because if I'm going to go, I'm going like a ball of fucking fire."

I believed her.

"Chemotherapy is non-negotiable and I told him to find me a doctor that knows what they are talking about and present me with real options. Then I told him to get the fuck out of my face..."


All I could do was take a bite of my wonderful home fries. Sometimes the potatoes can be too hard in the middle and will quite frankly ruin the meal. Not the case here. 

So, what did you do, ThunderFury?

"I found someone who knew my body. Who gave me options. Who spoke to me like fucking human. And on top of that I decided to try the whole fucking holistic route as well. And guess what, now I am not going to fucking die. Fuck chemotherapy and those mother fuckers" 

ThunderFury then takes a bite of her heavily sugared brioche french toast. Swigs the vodka infused tea and just like that...

ThunderFury was gone. 

Awe. Disbelief. Silence. 

Someone leaned over to me and said, "You know she tried to patent this vodka infused tea idea. However, the patent office told her she would first have to make her own brand of vodka to which she replied, 'fuck that.'"


When she was gone, all I kept thinking was how insane this woman was...and yet, she had a conviction to herself that I rarely, if ever, see. ThunderFury was willing to die before receiving chemotherapy. Extreme yes but I was so damn impressed by her fortitude. Was it crazy? Absolutely. But yoww, I think of all the things in life that should be non-negotiable and aren't. What am I willing to die for? What are you willing to die for? 

Moral of this story, find the non-negotiables in life and no matter what, do not sacrifice them. Be ThunderFury. She chose her life, even if it meant ending it. Damn. That's living...


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