This could be the end...

This could be the end of the world as we know it. Or it couldn't. Who the heck knows. But it could. We could get bombed, poisoned, stabbed, strangled, sick, break, tortured, bitten, slashed, burnt, drowned, hiccuped, shot, beaten, crushed, buried, dismembered, and whole host of other wonderful things. We could. It has happened since the dawn of time. We have died. No escaping that big one. Sometimes natural, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by mistake. But, either way, we done died. 

Knowing the inevitability of death, I must ask this question: How will you live? If death is a knockin on the door, how are you going to live in this moment. Because I hate to say it, this is a one way street. It's not meant to be morbid, it is meant to be sobering. It is meant to really, really, really get real with yourself and see what parts you may be hiding from in your life. Because I promise, whatever area you are playing small in will never compare to the grim reaper waiting for you to finish that last sip of rosé. 

Well damn, then what's the point? If we are walking dead then why even live!? YES! That is exactly it. Because most people live like that. They live like the walking dead. Like at some subconscious level they have died. And to that I say FUCK THAT SHIT!!!

I was in the West Village. I had just finished up with a client. I was feeling good. I was skipping. I was playing with my pigtails. Life was friggin great. Until, a thought! "If they can bomb a concert in Manchester they can certainly bomb the West Village. They can bomb me! And I'm happy right now. They'll definitely want me." True story. I pooped on my day. I slowly got sad. Depressed and became the walking dead. I was going to be bombed and that's all there was to that. It's over.

Until I realized the name of my company is BOOM FREAKING FENG SHUI. And in that moment I saw two paths for me. One, terror and death. Two, live like a freaking rockstar and immortality (I mean my lil ol body would be gone but my soul well...). I chose rockstar. If I'm going to go, I'm going big. I'm going hard. I'm going out without any damn regrets. It's the only way.

Check in, see if you are the walking dead. If there is a big ol' fat wahhhhhhh in your energy and mind. Or is there a big ol MY NAME IS THOR THE THUNDER GOD AND I DECLARE MY LIFE RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.  It's your choice. It really is. It's always your choice. 

Ps, I was so pumped to be alive that I bought a hotdog from a street vendor... I wanted to die. 

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