The Danger in Waiting for the Future.

When I am a millionaire I will allow myself to be happy. When I am a famous composer will I relax. When my vacation comes will I stop and smell the roses. When I lose the weight will I begin to date. When I meditate enough and touch the face of God will I launch my business. When I am out of debt will I enjoy the money I earn. When all conditions I deem worthy in my life are satisfied, will I be joyful. Until then...I shall wait for the future.

When I...

Those are two very dangerous words. Very, very dangerous. "When I" is a condition that gets put on life. Putting conditions on life is a very slippery slope. They can be very convincing. It makes sense to first do xyz in order to be able to do abc. Doesn't it? Well, maybe it doesn't. Yes, there are times when a condition or prerequisite is necessary. When I build enough leg muscle I'll climb Mt. Everest. Fair. However, I would say for most things in life, we should not wait for the condition to be met. The reason is it has a way of forever pushing life away. There is no present. There is no right time. There is no NOW. 

If we want to do something, do it NOW. Start now! Regardless of the conditions of life, it does not mean we can't look up into the sky and disappear amongst the clouds. It does not mean the heart can't explode for what we do have. 

The conditions in the first paragraph are what I hear most frequently. It breaks my heart. It's a mechanism to disappear into a future that may never come. Damn, could you imagine? 

I have waited for the future a lot in my life. I have waited for that "right time." And in doing so I have pissed away the NOW. I will not get that NOW back. Silly Bryce. 

Before we part I want to give you a true example. When I was meditating for 6 weeks, I would look out over the mountain range in awe and tear up. It was stunning. OHHHH, but then my mind would say, "God I wish I lived in the mountains. I would be so happy. I would be so different. I would be... When I live in the mountains I'll be complete." Guess, what, I WAS LIVING IN THE DAMN MOUNTAINS!!! I was surrounded by FREAKING mountains. I woke every morning before meditation and saw nothing but big ass mountains staring down at me. But my brain was on "when I" mode instead of acknowledging that I had achieved the "When I." The irony. 

Don't pass on life and opportunities like your buddy Bryce here did. Drop the checklist that holds you back from enjoying the shit out of NOW. It's dangerous. I mean it, it is a dangerous way to live. I would hate for any of us to be taking that last breath and regret we didn't see the mountains. Not on my watch. 

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