Fierce Vulnerability and Power

First, don't forget about my 6 week program I'm offering. It is to get people to breakthrough the barriers considered once impossible. The objective is to roar, fight, tear through whatever has been deemed unattainable. It is will involve heart and ferocity. The small ego won't like it but no one ever lived BIG by listening to that.  It is a beast of a program. Click here to schedule a call to see if we shall be fit for one another. 

Vulnerability. I have spoken about this beast many times before. Each time I have a new respect for it. Let's lay out the facts of this timid creature. 

1. Most people are afraid of it.
2. We think it involves being weak.
3. We may get hurt by it.
4. It is equivalent to exposing the heart and having someone rip it out. 
5. Fear of vulnerability>North Korean nuclear holocaust>Fake maple syrup (last two are interchangeable). 

Good, those are established. That said, by now you know what I'm going to say, "Vulnerability is awesome! It's like riding a unicorn into a giant angelic marshmallow cloud full of money and kitty kisses that was musically created by Prince riding a shooting star headed straight for the moon in a tub of 99% cacao chocolate sustainably farmed from the laughter of wood nymphs." Fair. I would have said that but alas, it's not me anymore....kind of. 

But, here is my experience I would like to share. I was doing a meditation with a person sitting in front of me. It was a paired practice. Our eyes were open. The point was simple, can you be open and vulnerable in front of a random person. Oh New Yorkers don't like that. There I was, trying to open my heart. Forcing that precious organ. And then, it opened. I started front of this rando. Then, "Man Bryce" kicked in and started closing until BRYCE BOOM KENNEDY overrode it and it opened!

At first it was wobbly. I'll admit it, it felt weak. I felt like someone could rip my heart out. Literally. But then, it started to get steady. The wobbliness went away and was replaced by ferocity. I was blown away. It was like the sun had incarnated into my chest and a hole exploded through it. It was inexhaustible power. There was not hurt. It was the sun. It was fierce. 

My takeaway? I think what happens with vulnerability is that we associate it with the wobbly stage. It's at the wobbly part that most people stop and close up. That's where I used to stop. I of course don't with clients. I could careless if I'm a giant mush puddle of love. But I stopped out in the world. I never let it go to the other side. The irony. It was through total opening that the strength came in. It's a tough one to trust but the more times we get to try it the stronger it gets. 

Let your sun be fierce. It's a hell of a way to live. 

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