The depth of limitations

There was something that I really took away from the 6 weeks I was meditating... it's all just a bunch of bullshit...but in the most beautiful angelic way possible. Limitations, limitations, limitations and then more limitations. It's all nonsense and yet we are inundated with them. It's absolutely ridiculous! Because on the other side of limitations is bigness. Is the angelic beast we all are. 

When I came back I vowed that I would push through the bullshit and see what the absolute limitations out there are and then go beyond them. Ohhhh, mama, makes one get all tingly inside. If you want to see just what you can achieve, beyond the limitations of the mind, let's do it. I'm doing a 6 week program that focuses on a full out sprint to splintering the bullshit we call reality. It involves diet, workout, meditation, 6 skype calls, feng shui, and a whole lot of hounding the hell out of you at every moment. Some people just need a fully on BOOM. If this is you, let me know. Spots limited.  

Now back to your regular scheduled blog:

We need to start to being very, very aware of what limitations rule our lives. Limitations are so deeply imbedded that we may not know that we don't know. The best way to start digging into limitations is mapping it. Begin first with a goal. Make it a good one. Make it one that counts. And then, write every reason the goal isn't achievable. Money, time, family, intelligence, blah, blah, blah. Get it all out there. See it. Feel it. Let those limitations wash over like a warm abyss of poo. After they've been written out, go on the internet and find someone who has done something that was impossible. There are lot out there. Then write the opposite of the reasons why it can't be achieved. It's painful sometimes. The mind doesn't like it. But remember, it's just the mind. THE MIND!!!! That silly lil punk. 

I just hate limitations. I really do. I think that's why I love working with people, it's just so damn fun to push people past what they thought possible. Try it.

Limitations are so 2016.

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