At some point there is a moment in life where we have to "shit or get off the pot." It's a scary moment. I've made that choice many, many, many times. And each time I thought there was an impenetrable barrier that I would never overcome...and yet, I did. It's because I had a team pushing me every step of the way. The "impossible" is quite possible in a lot of situations. It's actually very possible. However, our minds get boxed in by the reality we surround ourselves with and thus never escape. Classic example is the actor. The actor wants an agent. Ohhh, but to get an agent you have to follow certain rules and protocol. It could take years. It could be...Impossible. Nonsense! Time to break the rules. Same with love. "I have tried for so long to find love and there is just no one out there. I have to settle or nothing at all. Trust me, it is impossible." Nope. The rules are finished. I have found through BOOM, time and time again, what we consider impossible is simply a blind spot and fear. That's it. And to be frank, it's my specialty to find those two and help push through them. The impossible become possible. I won't stop until it does. 

Here's what it takes: Willpower and continuously setting the bar higher and higher. This is what I do for my clients. It's scary. It's not for the timid. And what happens is the goal itself actually loses the power because the act of doing and pushing through this fear creates a momentum that shifts everything. It is hard work but damn, the results are there.  

I created a pilot program called "Impossible? Done." It is 6 weeks. It is meant to crush the smallness that has kept life in circles and shift into massiveness. 

There are two programs:

1. 6 skype calls. 6 Meditations and constant pushing to the next level. $1500.

2. 6 skype calls. 6 meditations. EVERYDAY PUSHING. 6 weeks. 7 Days a week. Non-stop. This is only for people that want something bad. Really, really bad. It is meant to push the boundaries of comfort to achieve the DONE. It can only be that way if you haven't gotten what you want yet.  $3000. It can be broken up in 3 payments. Email me for more info: bryce@boomfengshui.com. 

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