Creating Space in the Brain

Space in the brain is one of those rare commodities. We are a people of thinkers. We like thoughts. Past, present, future thoughts. Thoughts about other people's thoughts. Thoughts about “what ifs, how comes, why nots, how soons, it's not enoughs, too lates.” But the thing is, if you can clear these bad boys, the answers that we seek normally come. We just need some damn space!

Last weekend I was in the airport. Plane was delayed. Thoughts started creeping in. Add a dash of anger and a whisper of desperation and boom, a soufflé of wild Bryce. But, I decided not to do that. I decided to make space and start to see things beyond the chaos in my brain. So I calmly waited and got a vibe for the situation and assessed options. They said I could sleep over in the airport or go to my connection in Charlotte and stay there. I boarded the plane and arrived in Charlotte. They rebooked me on a connecting flight to NY the next morning and told me to pick up a hotel voucher to spend the night. The line to pick up the voucher was insane. So I created space in my brain. I allowed the situation to unfold beyond the chaos. And then, I got a ping. Double check to see if my connecting flight was in fact gone. Even though the boards said it was, the airline said it was, I checked. And so I ran to the gate to follow this ping.

And there in front of my eyes was my plane. As fate would have it something happened and they never took off. So I got on. Then we took off.

Had I been a chaotic soufflé, I would have waited in the line for my voucher, fuming and missed the ping for the answer.

Space is magical. Make it in your life and you will not be disappointed. It's a hell of a way to live.

And if you are looking how to make space in your life, let's chat.


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