5 tips to creating a magical day

The first 3 minutes of the morning are those rare precious moments to start the day. Imagine you've been given a blank canvas to create anything you want. That's what those first 3 minutes are. It's a time where we haven't started quite thinking yet. A time where we haven't let the news destroy our souls. A time where work hasn't crushed our brains. A time where it's this fertile cosmic ground to do anything you want. So, here are 5 tips to creating one hell of a magical day. But first, I won't even put this in the top 5 because it doesn't deserve a number. It is the mega rule for life: NO ELECTRONICS. If you touch those then we are no longer friends. It just has a way of crushing everything good and holy in life.  Here we go:

1. Set the intent of the day. What is it you want? What do you really want? Don't let reality dictate it. Think what you really want and then get it. 

2. Feel how you want the day to go. Step 1, check. Step 2, feel it. Get it in your bones. See if your body even knows what it feels like to have this event occur. Feel the joy you feel. Let it reroute the blood. Let it BOOM. Don't focus on if and when it happens. Just feel.

3. Clear your mind with breathing and let the feeling of step 3 go. Just breathe now. Deep breaths. 10-30 breaths. Feel how the air turns everything on. Feel the life flow through you. BREATHE!

4. Keeping up with mega rule, continue no electronics for 10-20 minutes. Prime your day with breath and feeling. 

5. Gratitude. Just look around at your home. Feel what it feels like to be successful in having a home! Look at the items in the home. Look at them with fresh eyes and see how pretty damn lucky you are. And then start to catch where the mind tries to poop on your gratitude. "Well, I need a new couch, mine is shit." "I can't really afford this place." "I don't love this area of town." It doesn't matter, at that moment, see everything as perfect. It's amazing what gearing into a state of mind does for you.  

Bonus: Treat today as if it were whole separate universe of time. No past. No future. Just today. Look at it as an infinite breeding ground of possibility. Oh mama, 24 whole hours to create and let everything in. Synchronicites abound! Catch them. Every moment today is a moment to catch something bigger. Catch it.  This is magic.  


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