Inside Out Lies the Truth

First, announcements:

1. I am offering a full one week immersion program for anyone looking to transform their life in a profound way. It's meant to evoke magic from the depths of your being. It is 5 hours of one on one consulting. A feng shui of the home. Personal meditations and mantras. Plus access to all the paid videos on my website.
Since this is a beta program it's half price at $699. This is all online. If you want to really push it and do it in person, it is $2200. Sunday is the last day to sign up. Contact me here.

2. I will be leaving for 6 weeks at the end of February to go staff and meditate at my meditation school in California. If you are wanting to try anything before then, now is the time to reach out.  Time to BOOM!

---------------------------- -  INSIDE OUT LIES THE TRUTH------------------------

The things we want most are often external things. Money, job, love, fame, hair...external. The irony of it all is that the thing we want most is actually inside us. It's that seed of magic. The seed of truth. There is the answer to who we really are. How we can find love. Where to make money. What job is the best one suited for us. It's our magical seed. 

I realize it's a hard pill to swallow. Something inside us that holds the DNA of everything and anything we could possibly want. But it does. Because when we get a chance to live that seed, to hone in on it and walk with such absolute truth, well,  that's the goal. Once we embody that seed and let it live, we actually start bringing online other parts of us that have been offline. 

Intuition develops. Self-worth strengthens. Love begins to boom. Money flows in ways unimagined. This seed, again, is the blueprint to all the questions out there. We actually begin to think in clearer states. We create space to view the world from a entirely new perspective. Answers flow.

So why is it hard to realize it? Because we have been conditioned to believe that it's egotistical or selfish or a SIN to embody our seed, our truth. Ahh, but that's the greatest sin of all, not truly living as we were designed to live. And each person is different. Each person will have a different seed. Either way, get the seed. It's spectacularly magical.  

And if you want to dig in and see what that's like. Reach out to me. We can develop something that may be just what your seed ordered. Truth!



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