Morning Brain Dump for Clarity

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love my morning routines. I think they are the absolute foundation for a fantastic day. Well, I recently added one tiny little piece...the morning brain dump. 

The morning brain dump is done before you meditate. What it is is you wake up and either on a computer or with a notebook, you journal. You journal as if you are vomiting from your brain. The point is not to journal about anything in particular, it's a dump. So dump. Random thoughts, ideas, worries, dreams, equations to quantum physics. Whatever it is, dump.


Our minds are normally in full on thinking mode the moment we wake up. It's trained to begin to analyze and assess the day. This is problematic because we haven't had a chance to prime our minds to see what actually may come out of the day. Thus, the dump. Spew out any background noise or thoughts and create space.

Oh there it is again, my favorite thing in the whole world. Space.  By creating space, we create a chance for massive creativity, insight, brilliance to show through where there may not have been any before.  Try the dump for a week. It's absolutely amazing what comes out of a dump. Sometimes solutions to problems you've been worried about. Or things you didn't know you didn't know. Or maybe why you've been angry at your sister for 45 years. Maybe just a rant! Maybe, just to save the world.

Whatever it is, try it. The goal isn't to have a result. The goal is simply to do every morning. Shouldn't take more than 5-10 minute. You'll know when the tank is empty. 

Then continue on with your regularly scheduled routine. 


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