Your Redefining Week

I was listening to a Tim Ferris podcast where he was interviewing Josh Waitzkin, chess prodigy and world class consultant. Josh was describing how he no longer benefits from the definitions of what society has defined to be a "successful life." Josh is redefining his life one definition at a time. He gives an example of what he does with his son regarding rain. Instead of following the societal definition of rain being bad and eliciting a negative emotion, he is teaching his son to associate rain with positivity. Rain is good! And to further solidify the new definition of rain, Josh takes his son out and plays in it so it is now defined as fun. Interesting, right? What are things that we associate negatively that may in fact...not be? 

I love the quest of redefining societal definitions. I LOVE IT. It is one of my purposes in this life. The reason it is a quest is because a definition normally implies a constraint. It takes up space. Traffic is bad. Headache. Stress. Anger. I should have achieved xyx by the age of abc. Low self-worth. Doubt. Sadness. Because we didn't live up to the definition, we feel like a failure. I don't like that. I don't like that at all.

This begs the question then, what if we do meet the definition, does that mean joy and happiness follow? Ex: Success. If on paper we are "successful" but completely dead inside are we still successful? If constant anxiety and numbness runs through our veins day and night, success? What is your definition of success? Does it cause anxiety if it's not met? Is it time to redefine success?

I propose two things. One, redefine anything in your life that is giving you anxiety and not working. The reason I say redefine is because it is most likely not going to get solved if you are living by a definition that is not applicable to who you are as a person. It is time to create your own definitions. Once you do this, you will create space and figure out who the hell you are. Not some archaic meaning attached to an idea.

And two, I decided to do something very BOOM like. I am offering a full on "Your Redefining Week" intensive. It is 7 days of digging deep into the definitions that no longer work in your life and changing them. It's you and me using very unique tools to redefine the very unique you. I chose 7 days as opposed to some 6 week course because I like to get at things very rapidly and with a lot of momentum.

I want to BOOM, which by definition is: to experience a sudden rapid growth and expansion.  Do you?

If you are living by the old standard that rain is bad maybe it's time to see what else is defining your life? 



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