Demand the New Year

demand it.jpg

Demand it. 

I could end the email there. But that's really it. Demand it. 

For this 2018, demand it. Don't let it happen to you. 

Demand it for yourself. Demand it FROM yourself. 

Dig deep and find that area in your body that knows how to get things done. 

It's different than having a nice GOAL to lose weight, find love, be more present, make more money, have weekend tickle fights, and be a less anxious person. 

It's a demand. It's drawing a line in the sand and saying this is how this is going to work.

Now of course it could all go differently but it's the act of choosing YOU.

Demanding is a choosing.

There is no room for "whoa as me, the world is ending, we are all going to die, there is no way out, I'm trapped in my current life." 

It's choosing you. It's having your back. It's believing in yourself. It's saying this could get all sorts of fucked up, but damnit, I chose. 

It's a roar.

Demand it, go after it, and get messy. It's your year for the taking.

Fuck it, I choose magic.


Bryce KennedyComment