Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep It Simple Stupid. This was something my acting teacher would always say to us. He begged us to keep it simple. Implored us to keep it simple. 

Crafting a character and then performing it requires precision and simplicity. The minute the mind begins to dramatize a performance, you're dead. 

Life is no different. Keep it simple. The more I work with my clients the more I realize it truly is about simplicity. It's scary how powerful simplicity is. 

It's also scary how much we fight against simplicity. We hate it. 

I work with high achievers. They are usually very smart. They know how to do their jobs well.

However, in other areas of their lives, they've gotten so tangled up, so imbedded in the chaos that they've lost their way to simplicity. 

My job is to untangle that mess. Find the simplest route to success in the area of life that is failing. And then hold them accountable to that route. 


Find the areas in your life that are unnecessarily complicated. Cut the excess out and boom, you're on your way to finding true success again. 



Bryce KennedyComment