Ebbs and Flows


Life goes up. Life goes down. It goes dark. It goes light. Soft. Roaring. Terror. Love. Backwards and forwards. In and out. 

Life follows its own path. We know this. And yet, how often do we fight against it?

We want a level of control that is impossible. 

If there is one thing which has been proven over and over again is that we have no control. 

But why do we fight it so much? Why don't we accept it?

There are many reasons out there, but the biggest is simply because we have no trust in ourselves. We truly don't believe we can do this life. 

We haven't got our own backs. And this is the fundamental crack in ourselves. 

We simply don't trust ourselves. 

If we started, slowly, trusting ourselves. Believing in ourselves. Fighting for OURSELVES. Well, things would be different. 

When change comes, and it will, we will have control over the one thing that matters most. Ourselves. 

Mastery over the self is the greatest thing a human can master. It's profound and it is probably the only thing we can control. 

So go on, give it a try. 



Bryce KennedyComment