How to Feng Shui Your Home To Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions



I recently was asked by PureWow to give my tips for using your home to achieve your New Year's Resolutions (focus on women). 

Here is the article with my tips. Check it out. It's a quick read and it has pictures!

But BELOW is the raw unedited info I gave. There is a lot more and you may find it useful. (pardon the grammar and spelling's raw).


PureWow article: Tips for Feng Shui’ing Your Home to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions (unedited)

Get a new job

2 things. Clear all the entrance ways to the home and to the bedroom. When an entrance is blocked it's signaling to the world that you aren't ready. You are hiding. You don't want that new job. So clear it out. See if there is a chair, a pile of clothes, a lamp, a table, shoes, ANYTHING blocking your way to success. These are deeply rooted in the subconscious and you'll be amazed how quickly it can work. Clear room for you to conquer the world.

Get in shape

Put workout clothes and shoes in a very accessible place. See it. Feel it. You want to make sure you make contact with your workout clothes at least once a day. It will help remind you what you should be doing for your body. If they are hidden somewhere in the back, it will allow you to hide as well. The other thing is that you want to get rid of any clothes that hold you to the past. So that good be clothes that you keep "just in case" you gain more weight, or even lose the weight. Those clothes are reminders of a time that no longer exists. Even if there are clothes you want to try to fit into when you get in shape, they are still from the past. They hold an old energy that's not quite right anymore.  If you get in shape, reward yourself by purging any clothes that no longer fit, big or small.

Eat healthy

Clean out all the old stale food, spices, pots, pans, glasses and dishes from your kitchen cabinets. You want to be greeted by only that which you need in your kitchen. If it's a mess of old, old, old, then it will block any chance of starting a new path, especially eating healthy. Feel the joy of space with a kitchen that can breathe that only houses nourishing food and items that feed the soul. Also, eat at a table. Eating on the couch in front of the tv is not good. You are crouched over mindlessly sucking food down while watching netflix. It's dishonoring yourself and the food.

Stop procrastinating

Have a clutter free desk. Less is more. You want to remove as much as possible from your line of sight. That may even include the phone. The best way to deal with procrastination is to create an environment where nothing can distract you. No toys, trinkets, papers, books, phone, social media anything. Also, try creating times periods where you don't check any emails. Try it for 30 minutes at a time. And if you are procrastinating at home, gut it. Gut the home of all clutter. Every drawer, every closet, everything! You will be amazed at how much this frees up the brain to not procrastinate.

Meet new people

Clean the corners of your home. Yes, weird but the corners hold a lot of stagnant energy. It blocks flow. And when you want to meet new people we need to create that flow again. The corners are a great place to start. Vacuum, dust, scrub corners in your home. Don't forget to remove any piles of papers, or book, or junk that has been tossed aside. After this is done, you should feel like something unlocked in your space. LIke you're ready to shine in life again It won't feel as heavy and will push you out of your cave and into the world!

Save money

Look at EVERYTHING  you have. Clothes, furniture, shoes, food, household items, electronics, art, bedding, EVERYTHING! And as you look at EVERYTHING you will see you probably don't need much more if anything. This will help you get a good perspective on your finances and you'll begin saving immediately. See EVERYTHING and you'll want nothing.

Get more sleep

Clean under your bed, declutter the nightstand, and wash or buy new sheets. Under your bed is an area that should not have much if anything under it. You want it to breathe so you can sleep well. The nightstand is an area that can accumulate a lot of crap. It has a way of making us anxious and stressed. It reminds us of stuff we have to do. So clean it! Have a book, a lamp, and a few personal items, but that's it. No work or clutter allowed on it. The sheets are your guardian angels. They should feel good. They should wrap you in nighttime fairytales and bliss. If they are dirty or old or just plain funky, they will impact your sleep. It will mess with your head. SO make them great!

Read more, tv less

First rule of less tv is to be tvless. No TV in the bedroom. NO TV IN THE BEDROOM. This is one of those rules that is extremely important. The bedroom should be free of all electronics. We have so much stimulation that we need to create a room to have a break. Let this be that room. And to read more, while this sounds simple, it's not always the case, but get a book you love. That is another reason we don't actually read enough. We don't like the content. Get a good book. Let it be indulgent. Let it be exciting. Don't read a book you don't want to. End of story.

Find a Significant Other

This is a whole book in itself but here are a few tips. Own your bedroom. Far too often the bedroom is the most neglected place. But ironically, in terms of bringing in love, the bedroom is the magic maker. And to own your space you want to find the part of you that wants to come alive more. By you bringing out more of you, you actually can attract that SO much faster. So, if your room is pale, plain and drab and you are a this goddess in the making, make your room that. Colors of a goddess, art work of a goddess, a bed and bedding of a goddess. Everything should be a reflection of this big powerful you. If you want bullhorns with parisian accents painted in gold and a picture of Thor hanging on your wall, do that. Be as wild and free as possible. Most people worry that this will turn their potential suitor off, but in actuality, you are drawing them closer because you are owning you. Funny how it works. Another and final tip is to remove any stuff from any and all exes. NOTHING. Jewelry, clothing, artwork, bed, whatever, get it out. That is an old energy that keeps people away. Not good.

Have sexier sex

Paint the walls. I know, it's weird but painting a wall a color that is spicy and sexy is awesome for a sexy sex life. It can change the feel of the entire room. Also, have toys on hand. Clean out the nightstand and put some fuzzy handcuffs in the drawer ready to be used. Get rid of any pictures of family in the bedroom. You don't want them seeing any of the sin that will go down. Also, clean the room. Nothing dampens sex like a pile of dirty laundry. Also, beware of old rugs. Rugs are heavy energy that can make it feel like grandmas house. This area should be pure so it can get...dirty. Lastly, erotic art can help. It has a way of giving you permission to live out your fantasies. It's like a green light for whatever you want to do.

Drink less alcohol

Purge the bar in your home. Having a bar or area to make cocktails for when guests come over is a sure fire way to keep you a drinkin. The simplest way to drink less is to get rid of it all. IT's always nice to keep some for friends and family if they come over but you know what's nicer? A healthy liver. You come first. Booze second. You will notice that if there aren't any booze in the house that you'll start drinking less when you go out. Funny how it works.

Learn to cook

Clean off all the counter tops. No you don't need that blender that's never used. No you don't need your steak knives. No you don't need that bread maker. All of these things take up counter space. And the way to learn how to cook is first by having an area that entices you to cook. The more space, the more you'll want to use it.   

Social media detox or general edia detox

No phone by bed. No phone an hour before bed. No phone first thing in the morning. And set timers during the day when you can check social media. Then end. Ha. The way to be less inclined to use social media is by beginning and ending your day with media free periods. You will rewire the brain not to check it. An hour before bed and in the morning will help give you the space you need to see what YOU want. What YOU need. Not what the rest of the world is doing or how well the instagram star's workout went. The key is to have spaces that are solely dedicated to you. No exceptions. And the bedroom is the first place.

Start a new hobby r passion project

When starting a new hobby or project, you want to create a very specific space for it. Move any furniture around that can help you create that space. It may meaning moving that dining room table to the side (that only gets used once a year). The more space you leave for creativity the better. Don't be afraid to use a room or area of the home that is rarely used. Claim it. You can always move that filing cabinet back.  And when you start using it, be creative. Post things on the wall. Have a marker board, let it be a laboratory for experimenting.


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