The Only Way, IN


There lies a cave that is hidden from the world.

It's dark.

The locals say it's haunted. It will bring great suffering to those who enter.

Most stay away.

Some try but immediately come back out. They saw something they weren't ready for. Terror. NO!

But there are the rare few that know there is something in there.

Something that will consume them. That will shatter their reality.

That will be the only possible thing that brings them true fulfillment. True joy. Truth.

They must go IN. 

And once IN, they see it. It all makes sense. They see themselves! 

Their beliefs. Their upbringing. Their loves. Their rage. Their dreams. Their fears. Their lust. Their joy. Their grief. Their wildness. Their secrets. Their Power. Their truth.

IN dear friend. IN. It's the only way.

When I began this journey, many moons ago, I tried everything but going IN.

Who in the name of God would want to see that confronting hell?

I tried apps, books, certifications, palm readers, psychics, mystics, energy readers, courses, everything...but going IN

I wanted them to tell me the answer. I wanted them to make me feel better. I wanted external validation. I thrived on it. I begged for it. 

Ah, but life wasn't having it. 

At the end of the day it came down to me finally understanding there would be no external force that could ever change my life the way I wanted it. 

No job. No guru. No money. No partner. Absolutely nothing. 

The thing I was searching for was already there. Ready and waiting. 


And it was time to go IN. 

IN is scary. IN is sacred. IN is painful. IN is exciting. IN is the only way.

So, kiss your loved ones goodbye,  raise your sword, grab your lantern, watch your footing, and begin the journey IN.

It's the only way through.



Bryce KennedyComment