What if love was the answer?

A very good friend of mine recently asked what my definition of love is. I immediately said it's when he held me in his arms… But then I said, “shit, this is kind of important.”  What is my definition of love.

And it hit me, whatever this definition is, it is the foundation of BOOM. It's everything BOOM stands for. It's why I founded it. It's what I hope every person feels and sees for themselves after we are done. So here's my definition:

It is a profound and cosmic knowing of who we truly are and where we truly came from. It is truth in its purest form.

Love is a seed in every one of us. Some know it well. Some have forgotten. Some have never known it. But when we rediscover this seed, love ignites. It's an ancient remembering to something beyond time. And in there a power to create worlds exists. It is beyond definitions. Beyond clever quotes. Beyond people's descriptions. Beyond a goal to achieve. It is our truth. It is being.

I had no idea my real mission was for people to get back in touch with that seed. That love. Armed with many tools, the mission is clear, find the seed. Because if you find the seed, you can do anything. A cosmic exploration of you. So yes, I say “Fuck this. Find love.” It means fuck living in definitions that incorrectly define YOUR love. There is only one version of YOUR love. And when you tap it, BOOM. Magical things happen. Partners come in. Jobs. Hope. Precious quiet. And life begins to live again. We begin to live again.

If you want to find and explore this seed, let me know. It's my mission. It's where everything stems from. And if you want to do it on your own, rock out! Just know that definitions of love may no longer serve you. Hell, mine may even be crap. Create your own. It's now up to you to define your love.

BOOM on dear friends.



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