F*ck This. Find Love.

Ever since I created BOOM there has been one very apparent thread through most of my consultations, love. Whether over skype or in person, that lil love theme keeps popping up. It makes sense. Love kind of is that whole underlying fuel of everything in this wacky universe.  So there's that.

As great as the idea of love is, I noticed how tired people are with trying to find love. Tired of the rat race. Tired of apps. Tired of endless dates. Tired of being treated shitty.

Tired of being tired.

And to me, that sucks. There is a certain jaded closed offness to the whole idea of love that starts poisoning the even thought of it. 

So, why am I telling you this. Well, it turns out I'm quite successful in the love department. Not only finding love but more importantly finding that spark of fire deep inside the soul.

An ownership of love. Not a leaking of it. I help people remove the cluttered jadedness in life. I think one of the reasons I'm effective at this is because I loathe traditional approaches to love. To my core. Call me a cynical lawyer but it's true, I still very much am. And yet, at the heart of all this I am a big ol' lover who wants to find truth in it's purest form while cutting out all the bullshit. I want to find backdoors, different realms, holistic approaches, 360 degree total destruction of walls blocking anything in the way of love. And my clients are no different. They are unstoppable explorers.

So with this, BOOM is still very much feng shui, but it's also now about creating a clean, unjaded, magical, space deep inside the wacky animal we call ourselves. This approach to finding love, to me, is BOOM at it's finest. It's the quest of love and ain't nothing better than that.  

To get things started I'm offering a 1hr session for $100. It will eventually raise to normal prices but for now and the 20 spots open, let's try it out. See how BOOMing love feels.  

At some point it may be time to say, FUCK THIS. FIND LOVE.  

Please forward to any friends that want to try something different in the love department. Who knows, it may just knock their socks off. 



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