The Fresh BOOM of Momentum

Good morning BOOMer,

There is a period of time when a window opens up that the whole world is in sync with the New Year. It is a time where everyone, I truly believe, everyone somewhere deep inside says, "This year will be different. This year I'm going to do something really, really different." I'm not sure what that difference is but damn, it's pretty cool to think that it's happening around the wold. Who knew New Years could be that one unifying thing. 

And the reason I believe this is because somewhere deep inside all of us, on some level, we want to shift something so badly that we will believe in a magical time (the New Year) to come and help us BOOM into the next new and beautiful life. A yearning to improve. A yearning for love, fire, heart, BOOM! Like standing on top of a mountain and saying, "I can do this. I don't know what it is but I can do this. And I want it, I want it really freaking bad."  

And for those who are willing to ride this fresh momentum, take it, ride that sunofabich all the way home. Go get it.  

There is nothing stopping you.  

And for those who need a little help, I am here for you. I created BOOM for this entire reason. Shoot me an email and we can set up a free call to see what may come of a magical BOOM.  

Regardless, go find that BOOM. Use the momentum. Ride it. Clear the stagnant and the old, and ride that beast into Valhalla!  

Also, the incomparable Mariel Reyes and I are going to be holding a 4 part workshop that we have designed using techniques gathered over 15 years of experience. Part 1 is ignite. It is about clearing, creating, and igniting the new year. It will be Yoga, meditation, and manifestation. Mariel is a wold renowned Yogi that has taught around the world. I am of course founder of BOOM. The name says it all. It's 2 hours 7-9pm. $50. We have 15 spots left. It is an incredibly effective and powerful way to start the New Year. I hope you can join.  And if you aren't from NYC and know someone who would like this, please forward it on.  It's incredibly exciting.  

Bryce KennedyComment