A Secret to Overcome Crippling Fear

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Rooter. The ally in your life that will Root for you 24/7. That will make your heart explode with ferocity and light. That will make you realize that life is powerfully badass

When I was in California trying to become an actor, years ago, I went to this amazing sushi/karaoke bar. It was soooo much different than NY karaoke bars because there were actual stages where it was a legitimate showcase for singers to catch the attention of a sushi eating record producer.

Anyway, I didn't know any of this. And this particular visit I may have had a weeee bit too much sake and kind of cut the line and got on stage. My song? I Would Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf. I was fearless. I was drunk. I performed like a God that day. I went full in. People were cheering. It was amazing. Afterwards, an owner of a famous comedy club came up to me and told me my performance was a cross between Chris Farley and Bing Crosby (no idea how that is possible) and I should come do a set at his club. He said he could get me one of the coveted slots. I was speechless. Of course I would!!!

I never went.

After the sake wore off, I was no longer fearless. I was dead in the water. Crippling fear overcame me. Judgement. Not being good enough. Who did I think I was?  And so I pulled the wet blanket of depression over my head and never looked back. Damn shame too. Cest la vie.

Enter today. I would like to introduce you to my friend, The Rooter. He's pretty damn sweet. When this crippling fear starts to pop its ugly head up at me I now have an ally. The Fearless Bryce a.k.a. The Rooter. The Rooter is me in my purest form. It's Bryce that knows no fear. That feels whole. That doesn't worry about failure or judgment. That can command the Universe to do his bidding. Keep in mind, I don't have to feel that way but there is no reason for me not to defer to someone else who does. And so, I let him handle my thoughts. I defer everything to him. I'm obviously in a state that won't allow me to rationally make the decision. That's why

the Ultimate Version of ME makes the decisions!

And he ROOTS for me every single time I want to back down and quit anything. Could you imagine someone actually rooting for you, even when you make mistakes. It's really quite a lovely feeling. 

Now you may be thinking, this is just good ol' fashion horseshit, Bryce. Well, I would have agreed with you until I tried it. What would it be like to have your hero, the person you look up to most ROOT for you? What would they say if they were in your shoes? 

Would this person you admire back down? Quit? Fear? Collapse? Judge? Or would they go through the fire and do it? Would they persevere? (Btw, these questions help you decide who your Rooter will be).

The Rooter is amazing. I change Rooters a lot. Depending on my situation. If I need ultimate willpower, I turn to Tony Robbins (love him or hate him, the guy is a damn beast). If I need self love, I turn to an older more purified version of myself to show me I'm being silly and need to believe I can have it all (he also hugs me a lot). If I worry about money, I pick some ridiculously stupid billionaire that got rich without knowing a damn thing. If I need to learn how to have fun again, I turn to Richard Branson. I then filter whatever poo thought I'm having through them and act the way they would. It's an incredible help. 

Don't think too much. This is one where you want the head not to infect this process. Pick someone and try it. And then do it. Example: Poo thought - "Oh God, I can't ask this person for help." Rooter (Ultimate Me)- "I am flawless, reactions do not hurt me, I am ONE, asking makes me stronger and more connected to beast mode. Time to destroy big guy, I got yo back."


You can be absolutely fearless, Loving, Magical, Worthy, Beautiful, with the help of some people who have already figured it out. And as you do this more and more you will start relying on this perfect version of yourself and slowly but surely stop needing the Rooter. Do you know why?

Because you become the Rooter! WHOA! You become your biggest fan in this crazy, wacky world. What a concept.  And as always, it may be time to say "Fuck it, I choose Magic."



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