The Titanic Sank because of this one thing no one will talk about


An iceberg. I mean come on. Oh you were expecting something else. Ok, here is my other theory...poorly feng shui’d captain’s deck. Yep, there it is.


Would they have seen the iceberg sooner? Would Leo have survived? Would Kate shared that gigantic floating door with him? (HE COULD HAVE still hurts).

So here’s my thing, what is your iceberg? In all seriousness? I find most clients have this one place, this one belief, this one thingggggg that is absolutely in their blind spot that holds them back from living. And it is always indicative in their environment. Once we find that and conquer it, ohhh mama, shit starts moving.  

Let me tell you a story about one client. There was this closet. We called it death closet. It happened to be in a very auspicious place in his apartment. This closet was a catch all of everything he didn’t want. And this closet happened to be in THE MOST IMPORTANT CORNER OF HIS APARTMENT! Now, why did that closet hold all the crap? Why that particular closet? There were so many other ones that could store the crap.

Ohhh but there’s the beauty. It was his iceberg. He couldn’t see 90% of the hidden iceberg. Most people can’t. That’s why we need help. Use this email as an iceberg detector. Find it in your home. Clean it. Purge for the love of everything holy. It will change your life.

And whatever happened to that man? He found the love of his life. True story.

Ohh magic you sneaky, tenacious bastard.


Bryce KennedyComment