Journaling Is for little girls


Well, that's what I thought. Why would I ever spend time writing down my deepest desires, hopes and dreams? Maybe this boy will like me if I send him a secret Hershey Kiss. Maybe this girl will notice me if I pull her hair. Journaling. Ah, but alas, I was wrong. If there is one thing I can recommend, it is to journal. FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY, JOURNAL!

Let me explain. People have always told me that writing down your deepest darkest thoughts helps release them. I didn't buy it. I thought it was too easy. Remember, I like things to be complicated and heady, ha. But damn, wouldn't you know, if you really write from your heart, not your head, a lot can come out. A lot of healing. I feel energy actually shift. It works the same way for hopes and dreams. From the heart now. No using that silly mind. I did it before our wedding. And it turned out almost exactly like I had journaled. It's a little scary. This is powerful stuff.

Here's how to do it: pour your soul into it. If you need to heal and release, write everything you want to let go of. Write in the present. Not “I want to let go of…” but rather, “I let go of…” While you're writing it FEEL it. If you're angry, write everything you're angry about. Even if it's absurd. No judgment. Pour that poison out. Here is an example of mine from awhile ago, “I am angry at not having enough money, having to need money, having to entertain the idea of money, being afraid of certain situations, feeling like a boy, feeling stupid, worried that Bridget will leave me, feeling weak, not unleashing my power, loving so damn much, having love hurt, having grey days, hating God, loving God, not knowing what the hell to believe in, chaos in my mind…” You get the idea. And while I wrote that, it was like my heart got a chance to breathe for the first time in a long, long time. They were my thoughts. Right or wrong.

And then, I wrote my dreams: “I am infinite, I speak only truth, I love big!, Bridget and I combine at level of the Gods and explode with power, I have a TV show that fuels my fire and rips open the hearts of millions of people, I have a topless Ford Bronco, we live bi-coastal and I work with clients over skype and through seminars, I scuba dive in the summer and ski all over the world in the winter, my heart stands powerfully and doesn't close, I live time on my own schedule, I trust, money pours into our Iives, I fucking live my goddamn magic!”

Try it out. Be truthful to the point of being raw. It will have a MASSIVE impact. And if you are worried about people reading it, throw it away after you're done. No need to keep it. It's all in the doing. It can be 3 minutes or it can be 3 hours. The more you open, the more the magic starts shifting your life. Trust me, the lawyer in me only works with proof, and the proof is real.

Power lies in simplicity, trust, and heart.


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