The heart has it's own set of lungs

They are secret. Don't tell anyone. But it turns out the heart really likes to breathe. Did you know that? It loves breath. I never really knew that. I always kept my heart pretty tight. It was always there, pumping blood of course, but it never had a chance to breathe. Until one day, I let it. I focused breathing from my heart. Try it right now. It takes 2 seconds. Close your eyes and imagine your heart opening to receive breath and then exhaling the breath. Ok, cool, 2 seconds. Now try 30 seconds. Set a timer. The heart needs to breathe. It's dying to.

Every time I was hurt or anxious or angry, my heart would take the hit. It would be the first thing to seal off. Eventually it developed a shield over it. It was impenetrable. My very good friend/acupuncturist/brother in arms, Paul Alexander ( worked for years to break that bastard open. He needled the hell out of it. I wasn't even aware that it was closed off. But that puppy was. Eventually we broke through. You're probably not as stubborn as I was so you won't need to go through that whole ordeal. But try the breathing. It's so perfect. It's so deceiving how simple it is. Do not get bogged down by that. Simplicity is the key. It's power.

Breathe in, Breathe out. Magic in, Magic out. Choose today. 

Bryce KennedyComment