Tap into your inner Carol Channing

Carol Channing is my spirit animal.  I have had this dream ever since I was a little girl: I would sing Hello Dolly down 5th avenue with an entire marching band and about 50 people dressed as waiters as the chorus. Me in the front. It’s bit crazy, right? Ohhh but when that song comes on and it starts picking up, something inside me starts to ignite!  That, NOW THAT is what needs to be in a living space. Something so damn farcical (oh it will happen, I can assure you of it), something so childish, something so ridiculously wild that it resonates into the fabric of the walls. The home is meant to a platform of insanely beautiful energy. I don’t care if we believe in any of this. I don’t care if we think it’s nonsensical. All I care is that the home reflects the deepest desires and most whimsical dreams. It can be one single picture. I can be a piece of furniture. It can totally not go with anything but there must be that anchor point to constantly remind us of that little girl inside of us that wanted to be Carol Channing singing down 5th avenue. And yes, we all have that little girl.  So there it, Fuck it, Choose Magic.


Bryce KennedyComment