I laid down in the middle of the street

Life is a funny thing. People are a very conditioned species. We know when to obey and when not to. Any outliers are considered weird. I get that, that's how I thought for a long, long time. I still find myself thinking that way. I had no idea how pervasive it was.

I was listening to the audio book "4 Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss and he had this challenge in it. He said to be able to start breaking through societal constraints we need to start doing very simple things that we would not normally do. Simple being the key. So, one thing he said to try was to lie down in the middle of a walkway, a starbucks, a club, wherever. Do it for 10 seconds, dust yourself off and go on your way. The reason for this exercise was to feel the fear of societal judgment. To feel the conditioning in the mind. Some people wouldn't have any issue with this. I did. The lawyer in me started going through reasons why this is a bad idea. What if someone trips? I don't want to inconvenience someone? Am I going to be arrested? What if the world ends? It was amazing to feel and think about all the reasons why I shouldn't.  But there was one very big reason why I had to, I was terrified! And it was for no justifiable reason except that it went against the norm of what is I deem acceptable in society. And that pissed me off.

This morning, down in the financial district, on the walkpath between Water and Stone St., I laid down. It was AMAZING! I felt like some renegade badass. Like I was this animal that said FU to "the man." I mean come on. I laid down. Ha. It's so silly. It was ridiculous to see how much of my life was sooooo dictated by societal norms. If I can pass anything on, it's this, break through these. They are limiting. They are lame. They really cap living to a certain threshold. I don't dig that. And maybe you don't either. Try laying down for 10 seconds. It's wonderful. This is what BOOM is by the way. Breaking through and letting the beast out of the cage and screaming "fuck it, I choose magic!!!!"

Bryce KennedyComment