Your entranceway wants you to bleed!

My what sexy eyebrows!

I’ve noticed a theme with clients in their homes, the entranceway is always a It’s a good dumping ground. DO NOT MAKE IT A DUMPING GROUND. The entrance is the place that should be one of the most welcoming spots in the home. It should gear you into a good mindset as you enter the home. You do not want to start walking into your space and be hit by chaos. Purses, keys, mail, shoes, blah, blah, blah. It already makes your frantic. It does me at least.

Also, have a piece of art that really speaks to you. You can paint it. It can be a word. It can be anything but something that you NOTICE and something that makes you laugh, cry, dance, whatever.  Try to avoid cluttery things like big long quotes, multiple pictures, family stuff. Keep it simple. Keep it powerful. Something that won’t become background noise. Get “hit” with something awesome to help release the blahhhh from the day. Choose something magical...even if it’s your own magic!


So there it is, Fucking choose magic. 

Bryce KennedyComment