Why your home will drive you nuts

I like your teeth,

Bridge (my wife) and I moved into a new apartment. It has been a wacky ride. First, being a Feng Shui Master, I am insane about my environment...sometimes too insane. But, I’ve always been like that. I love my home. I love it to be a big warm heart that I can sink into and it can tell me stories of giants, princesses, and entrepreneurs who made billions of dollars following their dreams. So, to live in an unfinished apartment has been a bit of shitshow. I’m a moody little wanker. Bridget being the amazing wife takes it in stride knowing it will pass as long as she ignores my rant about the welcome mat being lame and how our bedroom has too much of a yang energy and we need more YIN! WE NEED MORE YIN DAMNIT!

But what it does prove is that well, I am amazing at my job (if I do say so myself), and that it so important to get your home in a place that really represents you. It doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, it shouldn’t be. I preach this a lot to my clients. I work with a lot of corporate people. Perfectionism is their mantra. It’s drilled in so deeply that there is no other way of thinking. I’m not far off. And when I saw myself doing it in my home I realized I needed to take a step back and ask why do I need it to be perfect. And the reason was because I’m a feng shui master! MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE! COMMANDER OF THE HEAVENS! Ok, no. I’m Bryce. Founder of BOOM. I like cats. But my home is a universe and by damned I will be the creator of the environment...along with Bridget.  But. perfectionism has no place. It removes the creativity. It removes the element of life and love and magic. It should be this amalgamation awesomeness. So, I had to take a step back and let it be. Let the beautiful process of the apartment unfold. The key, is to be perfectly perfect with no perfection.  And by God, make it yours. Do it for no one but you. Make it BOOM!

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