Satan used a cellphone in bed. Just sayin...

You. Are. Radiant. Today. Did you eat kale yesterday? High percentage of cacao in your dark chocolate? 

The cell phone and the bed. Oh. my. God. NO! I want to slap it out of your hand right this moment. Remember, there has to be divisions in your home. There must be separation of church and the home (Ha?). But, going to bed and waking up is so important in terms of your state of well being that, I mean, the phone is death. It is poison. 1. The EMF’s on your brain have been proven over and over and over to do bad stuff to that precious little guy. 2. It should be a moment to gear into the day. Set an intention. Maybe feel grateful you're alive, again. Whatever. 3. What you see first thing in the morning will impact your entire day. THE NEWS, FACEBOOK, EMAIL should not be your bedfellows. Those are other people’s lives, thoughts, and opinions. They are not yours.

Form yours first thing in the morning and then be my guest to inundate yourself with the insanity.  And I say this out of experience. It still takes everything in my soul not to check my phone first thing. I am an addict. My name is Bryce. But, I now keep my phone on airplane mode. I walk to my meditation room. I meditate for 30 minutes. I get my shit in order. Take 10 deep breaths. Drink 2 glasses of water. And then I shoot up on social media and nonsense.  Is it perfect? No. But I’m getting there. Give YOU TO YOU! Be selfish. Choose you, you beast!

So there it is. Fuck it, choose magic.

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