Divide and Conquer! I'm talking about the dining room table, DUH!

Nice shade of lipstick. I almost wore the same...

I was eating dinner at our new kitchen table the other day. This is the first time in 6 years that we’ve eaten at a kitchen table. We never had space for a kitchen table. Which meant we ate at the couch/coffee table. We did it in front of the TV. It was our ritual. Four nights a week. The other three were chaos so I’m not even sure what happened.  

But, it struck me, again, how important it is to really divide your spaces up and not blend them. Yes, it’s nice sometimes to just plop down on the couch and eat. But, what happens is that the act of eating, socializing, thinking, enjoying the food gets lost. And then tv/movie time has a feel of food and distraction. I’m not saying that there has to be this puritanical way to eating but habits should be formed in the home. Work does not enter the bedroom. Eating not at the couch. Sex...well, that can be anywhere and actually should be but I’ll get into that later. Divisions in the home help the brain gear into some very pure and clear spaces in the mind. I’m all about separation. Work at work. Live at home. Try it out for a week. See if you feel a difference.  Choose! Magic! DAMNIT!



So there it is. Fuck it, choose magic.

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