And we're back

It certainly has been a while. My goodness. But I’m back. I’m going to be shooting off a mix of media to you. Video and posts. I seem to really enjoy that. Ha. But it’s all going to be sharing about this wacky process of life and how to hack it to make it a lot more enjoyable, simpler, and just freaking magical.  It’s actually what drives me. I hate being driven by anything that doesn’t feel like “me.” Fears, the news, beliefs, societal processes, frankly any bullshit that takes away from living in beast mode.



That’s why I chose feng shui as my base. My baby. My love. My lil cuddly kitten that turns into a ferocious animal. Because your environment is your life. That’s it. I’ve worked with a lot of people now to see there really are no exceptions. It doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. It doesn’t mean you need to be wealthy, it just means you need to get your damn environment geared into who you are NOW! Does that mean a fresh coat of paint? Could be. Does that mean throwing away old clothes that remind you of your fat or skinny days...a constant reminder? Does it mean you need to move because the vibe is just so toxic that you can barely breathe? Yes. Move. Could your place be a big magical antenna for greatness? Yes. The point is not to believe in unicorns and fairy godmothers, the point is to believe that 90% of life is baloney keeping us from truly living.  


So there it is. Fuck it, choose magic.


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