Day 30 out of 30. The final post. Tears. Love. Laughter. Thank you.

“I'm a little bit naked, but that's okay.” 
- Lady Gaga

Day 30. WOW. What a ride. Thank you for those who have hung in there. Thank you for the new subscribers. We are up to around 600 people. Pretty exciting.

So my little social experiment comes to an end. I wanted to share each day what I learned. I wanted it to be vulnerable. No redos. No edits. I wanted it to be me. I find a lot of times when I'm putting any kind of content out into the world I tend to try and placate the masses. I write with other people's voices in my head. I can't often silence them. The same thing would occur with videos I made. Take after take after take. But this...this was a fun adventure into me. And I got to do what I love doing best...sharing. What a life. So...anyway.

Thank you. I shall miss you.  

But I will continue on with the written posts as usual. Take care. And as always, Choose Magic. 


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