Day 26 out of 30. I found a random sketchbook on the subway.

“I wore a groove in the kitchen floor with endless trips to the fridge, hoping against hope that I had somehow missed a plateful of cold sausages on the previous 4,000 excursions. Then, for no obvious reason, I decided to buy a footstool.” 

- Jeremy Clarkson 

You better be sitting by your email on Saturday night waiting for this! I hope I didn't ruin your day because you were wondering where it was. Well here it is. With an hour to spare. Praise!!!

Day 26. The lesson I learned today was randomness. I found a sketchbook on the subway. Wow. So much inside that really blew me away....

Remember, this is Day 26 of Day 30 of my little social experiment. Sharing what I learned today. There are no edits. No redos. One take.  Pure Bryce. 

And as always, I leave you with the mantra I live by:

Fuck it, I Choose Magic. 





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