Day 18 out of 30: Silencing your inner critic.

The Three Step Process to Beat Your Inner Critic by Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD.

"First you recognize that the thought is there," he tells me. "Then you learn to treat that thought as if it were said by some third person whose job in life was to make your life miserable. And then you learn to dispute it, to marshal evidence against it."


Bon Jour!

Day 18. This lesson is about the inner critic. That slimy, pain in the butt, chatter bug, bastard. If there is a way to silence it, well, you could be unstoppable. I know that's how I feel when I shut it up.  NO LIMITS.  

Remember, this is Day 18 of Day 30 of my little social experiment. Sharing what I learned today. There are no edits. No redos. One take. Pure Bryce. 

And as always, I leave you with the mantra I live by:

Fuck it, I Choose Magic. 

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