Is It Worth $100 Million?


I was recently asked, if I won $100 million would I stop BOOM? No. No I wouldn't. I can't. It's in my blood. I never thought i would say that. I imagined that any job I had, I would quit. The thing is this is more than a job. There is something deep down inside me that knows this is right. I'm not sure what "right" is but I know it is. It's in my core. It's something I've been searching for my entire life. It's an unquenchable fire deep down inside.

When I enter a person's space, that fire is carried to them. We form a fire bond. Why? Because we are about to search for Their fire. Their spark. Their Seed. And we are going to let it live. We are going to let it scream, cry, shout, laugh, rage, fall apart, whatever it needs to do. But by God, we are going to let it LIVE! 

I've heard multiple times that people are always a mirror for you and your life. The more I see my clients the more I realize they are me. Yes, I'm helping them change their lives but at the same time, by releasing their hidden/stifled/crushed/unknown/bruised/all knowing power, I am releasing mine. I want them to succeed with every fiber of my being. I want to see that fire spread to the ends of the universe. Why? Because, if they are a mirror, they are me. And well, damn, what a better reason to form a secret bond of BOOM. What better reason to fight for people who want what I want. 

A BOOM is unique to your fire/seed/spark. It can come in any form and in any method. But find it. Love it. Nurture it.

And at all cost, let it LIVE!

Trust me, it's worth at least $100 million.

Love, Bryce


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