A nervous actress shared her heart and this happened...


I would like you to meet Angelita Esperanza. She had never performed in a solo show in her life. She had never played her guitar for anyone. She had never invited her closest friends to hear her sing and bare her soul.

Until, she did and...

She killed it.

Angelita fulfilled a dream of hers and performed in front of a sold out crowd on December 3rd.

Angelita and I first met about a year ago when we were in a small play together. I loved her immediately. She had this fire and willingness to throw herself into her work That I admired. She was a beast. However, after the show we lost contact. It wasn't until she had a huge audition that she contacted me and wanted a BOOM box (a little feng shui kit I used to sell). 

Months went by and then, out of the blue, I heard from her again. This time she wanted more. She wanted to BOOM. So, we worked together. Over the course of a few months we feng shui'd, visualized, dissected, meditated, discovered and learned how to own her unique fire and magic. And boy did she own it! At our last session I challenged her to perform a show of her own. I suggested this because she was discouraged with the audition process. The roles she went out for were lame. They didn't speak to HER! Enough of waiting for others to create good content. Enough of going to stupid auditions that wouldn't showcase her incredible talent. Enough! And wouldn't you know, she accepted the challenge and...

She killed it.

As she began planning the show, she imagined it would be held at some crappy rental space and would probably have around 5 people, if she could even get that. She hired a music director and he decided 5 people wasn't acceptable and helped her take it to the next level. He told her to rent out a stage in the famed Duplex in NYC. It could hold about 60 people. 60 people!!!! Terror! She still thought that maybe, maybe 5 people would show up. She was scared.

Fast forward to Saturday December 3rd at 4:30pm. I walk in to the Duplex (along with my two aunts and wife) thinking I was being a good friend supporting her with her 5-8 friends. I was wrong. There were 60+ people. The place was overflowing. They squeezed us in some corner and humbly I was put in my place. Then she came out and ...

She killed it. 

See, when you get to perform it's a very special feeling. It's something divine. You share your soul with the audience. That's not a metaphor. It's real. Angelita not only did that but she shared her vulnerability and with it, her power. Her fire. Her freaking magic. 

Tears. Pride. Love. Joy. All of these feelings rushed through me as I heard her sing and play her guitar. She told stories of her fears. Her hopes and of her dreams. She bared all. I thought I was the only one experiencing these overwhelming feeling because of knowing where it all began. But, as I looked around I saw others crying as their hearts exploded. She was allowing others to experience her heart and it had a profound effect. I mean damn. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon. 

I wanted to share this story of Angelita because it illustrates that owning the magic and fire deep down within is a stunning gift. It may only be a little seed right now but that's all we need. Something to love and nurture. To water. To embrace. To BOOM. And then do what Angelita did, which I'll remind you again...



Love, Bryce


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