New Moon, New Beginnings

The New Moon

As the moon begins again, as it does every month, as it does every year, as it does every millennia... we too begin again. It is time for introspection. A review of sorts. A time to take stock in what happened and what we would like to change this month. A chance to see where we fell short or where we excelled. No judgment. Just review. 

Why not take a moment tonight, or now, and pause, feel into what this month felt like. What it looked like. The ups. The downs. The struggles. The successes. And after you've felt into that, feel into this coming month. Take five minutes, light a candle, go somewhere quiet and feel. Open that heart. What do you deserve this month? It is of course the new year coming up, what do you deserve for the new year? But more importantly, what do you deserve as human being, alive, during this time, on this planet? 

Be gentle with the feels. Let them resonate. Think of it as having 5 minute of magic and actually believing it could come true. A willing suspension of disbelief. 5 minutes. 

Who knows, the new moon may have been waiting this entire time for you to speak to her and ignite the magic within.  


Bryce KennedyComment