The Morning Routine To Own Your Life

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The Morning Routine To Own Your Day.

I love, LOVE, LOVVVVEEE my morning routine...30% of the time. The other 70% of the time I loathe it. I want to sleep in. I want to eat bacon covered chocolates in bed while watching Gilmore Girls reruns (Bridget got me hooked). I want to look at facebook, instagram, emails. I want to respond to clients. ANYTHING but do my morning routine.  

But alas, I can’t skip it. If I skip it, it means I’ve given into the part of me that would rather sleep through life like a big ol’ bump on a log. And well, I just can’t do that. Besides, I often make my clients create a morning routine after we’ve worked together, I damn well better have one of my own.  Here is mine:


  1. Wake up, pissed. Tired.


  1. Lay in bed for 2-3 minutes visualizing and FEELING goals I want to accomplish long term and short term. I feel as if they had already been accomplished. It feels good.


  1. Feet hit the floor, 10 deep breaths from my soul! No half ass breaths, FROM THE SOUL!


  1. Go to kitchen and jump start my system with 2 fresh glasses of water.


  1. Meditate for 55 minutes. This is particular to me and my practice, if you are beginning I recommend 5-10 minutes of sitting quietly listening to your breath go in and out. That’s it.


  1. Shower. End of shower I turn it all the way to cold for 3 minutes and do deep breathing until end of 3 minutes.


  1. Stand in shower, naked, like a badass and set my intention for the day.


  1. Go make a shake with Orgain Organic Protein Powder, almond milk, 1-2 raw organic eggs, Spirulina, frozen spinach, and a banana.


  1. Grab a cup of coffee



Now, this in no way needs to be your routine. This is very particular to me and what time I have. However, there are a few steps, no matter what, I do. Even if I have no time. Step 1, a given. Step 2, a must. Step 3, come on that’s easy. Step 4, do not skip this. Do those 4 if you can. Skip to step 7 and do that. Really set the intention and feel it in your bones. Tell the world what you want. Own it.  Those are doable and will only take about 5 minutes.

There is a step that I missed but it’s not really a step, it’s a commitment to life! DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PHONE OR ANY ELECTRONIC BEFORE GOING THROUGH YOUR ROUTINE! I don’t even want to explain why. I won’t! Ok, I will. The morning is precious. It should not be influenced by politics, emails, spam, texts, POOP! It’s yours.

When you come up with a routine and stick to it, you begin to build a muscle of willpower. It is insane how much this helps you really create the day you want to be living. It’s all about you owning the day as opposed to it owning you.

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