Discovering the Crooked Path of the Self

As most of you know by now, I am on the mission of discovering the “Self.” More or less “My Self.” For years I kind of just phoned it in and allowed externalities of the world to dictate how I lived. I followed a trajectory that was dug for me by many people before. Unfortunately, it wasn’t true to my soul. It was all slightly off. And because of that, I was a miserable bastard. I was a lawyer in New York City with a $150,000 education (now much more because of lovely interest) and I despised it. I achieved, on paper, the good life. Living in the big city, making good money, had a girlfriend, drinking and eating my face off...heaven. Ahhh but alas, my soul, my light, my truth, whatever it is,  just couldn’t let me be, so, I got sick (a little bleeding ulcer and 20 years of night terrors). And that is when I started all over again. I kind of did. I started over again and started clearing away all the crap I believed about life and myself. I started looking deep down to see who was really in there. Who was this Bryce? Now, that was about 6 years ago (I’m a stubborn one) and I’m still finding him but there is now a huge shift in my understanding of my truth, my fire, my light, me.

BOOM is the name of my company I started. I chose it because that’s what I wanted in my life. I wanted to freaking BOOM. I wanted small BOOMs, I wanted big BOOMs, I wanted all kinds of BOOMs. And as I started to let my life BOOM (before the company) I noticed more and more of me come out. First major BOOM was through health. I allowed myself to be healthy for the first time in years. Second BOOM was going to acting school, a dream of mine for decades. Third BOOM was to begin a quest of awakening the hidden Bryce. Acupuncture, energy healing, meditation, anything and everything that was esoteric that I could get my hands on. Fourth BOOM was teaching people how to have BOOMs through my blog Bryce’s Grand Experiment. My fifth BOOM was creating the company BOOM Feng Shui. And this was the BOOM of all BOOMs.

Now, if you’ve read these posts before, you know me and feng shui are like peas and carrots. We go together. I never thought in a million years I would go to California and study with a gifted Feng Shui Master...then become one myself. Through all my previous BOOMs there was something missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it. But there was. I would make these huge strides in life. Big changes, great new feelings, huge financial leaps and then, SPLAT, I would fall back to where I was.  And that my friends is when I learned of the concept of Environment. Your environment is your space. It is anything you physically or mentally interact with. It is your home, office, nature, mind, body, etc. What I learned about this is that the more you OWN your environment, the more you own your life. It is when we are merely impassive guests in these spaces that we are affected in a way that may not be to our liking. The home, for example, is so closely tied to our internal life that it is quite telling. I have rarely found a home that hasn’t divulged the true and current state of a person, often unbeknownst to them, which has helped lead to a major shift and rediscovery of the Self. We are our environment. Our environment is us. And it is upon learning this that BOOM Feng Shui began.

The reason I wanted to touch upon this was hopefully to give you some context of what my path was and is. It is meant to help show you that this very crooked line I choose to get here was filled with many different twists and turns. And each one invaluable. I still very much think like a lawyer. I am still very much an actor. I am still very much a serious meditator. I am still very much someone who loves discovery of the Self. It’s not over and it’s most likely just begun. But, the one thing I know is that the more you peel back of yourself, the more you can shine. I said this before, but I never EVER thought I would be going into people's houses and changing their lives. Yes, we do some feng shui but it’s more about uncovering the truth that has been hidden deep inside them for years if not forever. A discovery of Self. That’s my passion, that’s my BOOM.  


Find your BOOM!  And if you need help or are curious, I am always

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