The Secret Magic of Tapping into Space and Flow

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First of all, hello. It's been a while. I apologize for not calling or writing. I know, I'm a terrible friend. But, in my defense, I took this summer to step back and evaluate my blog, my company (BOOM Feng Shui), and my life. For all those who have been with me for the last two years, you know this isn't something new. It's something I do frequently and why the hell not? I want to keep tweaking my life. Finding the parts that aren't working and make them BOOM just a little more. And as dog as my witness, I SHALL NOT REST UNTIL I BOOM every damn day!

With that, I wanted to talk about Space and Flow. These two are it. If we as a collective whole wanted to know how to really maximize the shit out of life, it's Space and Flow. It's also my business model. It wasn't apparent to me until this summer but it is. But, Bryce, you sexy bald headed beast, what is Space and Flow? Well, it's actually the foundations of feng shui. And with as with feng shui, it is the cornerstone of life.

Space. Space is our environment. It is the area we in habit. The air we breathe. The thoughts in our mind. The love in our heart. The fear in our chest. The silence in the room when we're staring into someone's eyes. It is our home. It is the confidence or lack of confidence that surrounds us. It is US. YOU. We are magical, vibrational, unfreaking believable Space. Why is this important? Because, it is something we rarely, if ever, consider. And yet, it is everywhere! Could you imagine if each one of us harnessed our own spaces as a living breathing organism. I mean, wow! Life could be so... ALIVE! 

Space is everything we are and we interact with. Choose wisely.

Flow. Flow is the state when we aren't thinking from our tiny, little brains and letting something bigger guide us. Most of us are out of Flow. Flow is a scary thing. Imagine if you were in the ocean and a rip current started pulling you out to sea. It doesn't give a flying shit if you want to return to the safety of your beer filled cooler on the beach. It doesn't care how good of a swimmer you are. It doesn't care if you are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, or agnostic. It will take you away from everything you think you are and need. And it's terrifying. But, holy mother of God is it powerful. Like BOOM powerful. Like finding out life is merely a series of Flows and our only job is to jump in and ride that current of awesome. Why is this scary? Because, we hold for dear life of what we think we know. What we think is certain. If we don't, we fear that we may drown. And who knows, we may. But what a way to go. 

The reason these two are important is because we must breakthrough the bullshit framework that we have been held captive in for most of our lives. This framework is a safe way of living. It is in a sphere of influence that we know. That our families know. That society knows. Look around in your life and start asking some questions to see if you are living in a bs framework. Am I happy here? Am I doing something similar to my parents? Are my ideals and beliefs the same as my circle of friends/family? Do I have the same fears as my family and circle of friends? What are the structures in place for my beliefs around time and money? Is there another way of living? What do I consider impossible for me to do that others have done? What do I view as success and why? What would my life look like if it were flipped on its head? Just some things to get you thinking.

Space and Flow. When we start owning our Space, Flow is quick to join. Space can be owned by a good solid Feng Shui. Decluttering your home. Repainting your walls. Meditating. Walking with a big vulnerable heart. Learning how to feel. Finding joy in the small stuff. Listening to someone with your soul. Looking someone in the eyes. Making love. Trying something scary. Believing in yourself like never before. Let's say that again:

Believing in yourself like NEVER BEFORE! 

Flow is starting to make decisions from non structured spaces. Things that FEEL right but the mind screams "no." Opportunities that come up but seem ridiculous to take. Flow is taking time to see things from a much different angle. Flow is letting go.

Oh life. you crazy sonofabitch. Space and flow are powerful. They're big. They are scary. This is my specialty. This is my love. If interested in BOOMing to create more Space and Flow in your life, shoot me an email and we can chat.  


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