You Know Nothing Jon Snow

I want to shout this from the hills...WE KNOW NOTHING! ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY NOTHING! We think we do. We plan like we do. We worry like we do but alas, in the end, we’ve got no damn idea about anything. I’m talking about everything that you have ever anticipated, calculated, frustrated, worried, boxed up, held your breath for. In the end, we knew nothing. Wow. Think about every experience you were about to have and how you had some calculated idea of what it would be like. Same goes with people. Acting. Writing. Fighting. Pie making. Marshmallow roasting. Everything has an anticipated outcome. Ugh. We love to try and control the unknown. And wouldn’t you know, the unknown still comes. 

And here is the challenge I pose to you...know nothing! Anticipate nothing. Judge nothing. Be nothing. Just be. 

And don’t get mad when you do anticipate and judge. It’s human nature. The key is to catch yourself and then know nothing. Because here is the truth, trying to know something is a way of control. It’s a way of not feeling. A way of not being vulnerable. It’s a way of not being let down. You suck all the fun out of life. You may try to come up with every reason why something won’t work. Why this person will hurt you. Why this job will lead to failure. Why following your dreams is hopeless. And they are probably good reasons but how for the love of God could you possibly think for one moment that you could figure out every possible solution to the equation of life. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Think of a moment in life when you were so taken aback at the way something turned out that you said, “Never in a million years did I expect that. Well I’ll be darned.”  That, my friends, is wacky, zany, chaotic, beautiful, completely unpredictable life. Ain’t she grand.  

Know nothing. It is truly a rich and bold way to live!

or simply say:

Fuck it, I choose magic!

Bryce KennedyComment