A torn MCL and a Magical Park Bench

I was feeling funky the other day. My mind was racing. I am launching a new portion of my business (brycetkennedy.com). I tore my MCL in my second day of class at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I was on bedrest going insane. Just plain ol’ funky. So I decided to go for my first major walk since the tear. 

I walked to Central Park. As I was walking I stumbled over a tiny cement block off the pathway. As I was in my stewing from the pain in knee, my eye caught a tiny brass arrow. It pointed in the direction back to the park. It was old. The cement was crumbling and the arrow was worn.

I was about to ignore it and I thought, “Oh come on, you talk about ‘choosing magic’ all the time, go follow the damn arrow. Just see.” So I did. And it led straight smack dab into a park bench. I sat. Thought that this was kind of unmagical. Oh well, par for the course. That is until I read the little description on it.  

“It is necessary to dig deep in oneself to find the hidden grain of steel called will.” Ryan Shay. 

Oh. Well. Um. Yep. I’m um just going to sit here and NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN MAGIC!!! 

Look Ryan Shay up. You’ll get chills about his life. He was a brilliant runner and died doing what he loved, right at that park bench. He had a massive heart attack trying out for the U.S. Olympic Men’s Marathon Team. 

What’s the point of all this? I’m not entirely sure. I’m not going to try and figure it all out. All I know is that I got a pretty cool message about willpower. Willpower is the focus of most of my writings. It is the focus of my business. It is the focus of saying “I choose magic.” It is the focus of choosing to love yourself. It is the focus of what makes humans humans. It is the damn focus of owning your life and deciding who the hell you get to be in it. It’s all WILL! 

And just when I needed a bit of perspective, there was a random arrow, pointing to a random bench, with a not so random message. Gives me chills. 

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