Gone Baby Gone

The old frog said, “I shan’t enjoy the fruit of life, for the departure will cause more pain than enjoyment.” 

This fear, my friends, deep down, to some degree exists in almost everyone. I see it many, many times in my clients. I see it in me, with certain things. The fear that it will all be gone, poof, just like that. And because of that fear we numb ourselves from experiencing a certain level of living. And this level of living I speak of is full on, no holds barred LIVING. Enjoying life so fully that it will knock your socks off. 

But why would I open my heart to something that will eventually disappear? A loved one. An experience. A touch. A look. A kiss. A sunrise. A smell. A waterfall. A blessing. All gone! 

But what if you changed that thought around. Could you imagine if instead of fearing the eventual loss that all you did was fully envelop yourself in that moment? On every single damn one of them! It would be huge! The littlest things would be the biggest things. Holding hands with a lover, taking a bath, watching a bird fly, anything could become an out of body experience. 

You see, life is set up to be like that. It’s set up to be easy to experience bliss. We just have ideas. Beliefs of what we are allowed to open our hearts to. “The big things.” Haha. What? Winning an academy award? Being President? Flying to the moon? Finding your soulmate? Whatever the heck it is you are banking on experiencing fully, stop it, now. Instead, experience it now! With the “small things.”  

Don’t worry, you won’t turn into a hippy and start crying at trees during autumn when their leaves fall off. You won’t hold the carcass of a dead cockroach and think, “what cruel fate robbed this roach of life?!?!” No, instead you get to make yours a little more kick ass. It’s like a bonus. And once you start doing it more, and more, and more, and more, and more, then, well, magic. You will love, live, smell, breathe, touch, taste, weep, laugh, and enjoy life at such a profoundly deep level that you will begin to change. 

You may be so damn full of life that you’re vibrating on levels that are out of this world. Wow, what an idea. 

And just a little hint, there’s actually nothing that can be taken away because everything is already inside you, you big sexy ball of energy. 

Bryce KennedyComment