Animal vs. Angel = Magic

Animals vs. Angels = Magic?

Which one do you pick to live like? The animal or the angel? Let’s look at the differences and you can choose. Oh and by the way, you do have a choice.  

The Angel: Direct access to the Big Cheese. God. Universe. Almighty. Source. Higher Realms. The Light. Creator. The One.  All knowing connection to everything. Not too shabby.

The Animal: Direct access to being a powerful, willful, instinctual, twinkie eating, steak guzzling, base jumping, world traveling, lustful, speed car racing, romcom crying, street fighting, fine wine connoisseuring, Grand Theft Auto V playing, vulnerable loving, poem writing, daydreaming, artwork producing, rain dancing, lip syncing, heart pouring GOD DAMN HUMAN BEING!!!

The Angel: No judgment. Love of the entire creation. Oneness. 

The Animal: Judgment. Of everything. It’s who we are. Sorry.

The Angel: Total belief and trust in the divine, synchronicities, limitlessness, unbridled joy, and a whole bunch of pretty cool stuff we can’t even begin to comprehend.

The Animal: Total belief in sex, survival, and self.  The wanting to roar like a tyrannosaurus rex while standing on top of smashed cars while ripping trees in half just because we freaking feel like it. Screw you trees! 

Ok, so the big reveal. WE ARE BOTH ANGEL AND ANIMAL! Ahhhhhh!!! We are. To deny either one will be the downfall of you. You must learn to embrace both. We have climbed our way up the food chain to dominate but at the end of the day we are Gap wearing ferocious beasts. I don’t care how you get your hair blown out, you are an animal. You try to tame the beast and you will fail. You will deny you and that’s kind of like trying to make water not wet. Like, why would you do that? I like wet water. 

And the Angel is the cherry on top. I mean, I don’t really care what you believe in but we originated somewhere. And it’s pretty damn special. There is a connection to something bigger. Hell, science has proved we are made of the same material as the entire Universe. We are one. We just are. And when you start tapping into that oneness YOU WILL EXPLODE with such a profound knowingness that you may finally believe in something bigger than you. 

Let the animal dance with the angel. You don’t have to be either one. And when you decide to let them co-exist there will be magic. Like big magic. You can have it all.  BE BOTH! And when you find yourself trying to choose, just say the mantra I always say when I forget that neither is exclusive:

Fuck it, I choose magic.  

Choose Magic!

Love Always,

Bryce Angel/Animal Kennedy

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