What If It Were That Simple?


There are things in life that are meant to be difficult. There just are. They create a certain foundation for you to be able to move forward on to the bigger more fulfilling things. It makes you strong so that when that difficulty arises again, and it will, you will barely notice it because you are so solid. It will simply bounce off you. There really is something to this idea of clawing through hell to reach your goal. It can be so rewarding. So animalistic. However, like everything in this dualistic world, we have another side to the story.

And it's this, SIMPLICITY. Some things are simply allowed to be simple. No fighting. No clawing. No battle. As simple as breathing air.

These simple things are called inner-truths. Self-worth, love, joy, pride, gratitude, compassion, and about a billion other things. These are meant to be simple. And the reason they are allowed to be simple is because they are so interwoven in the fabric of our fundamental being, that all you have to do is accept the fact you are allowed to have these. That’s really it. You don’t have to prove your worth to anyone. You are allowed to love EVERYTHING with a huge open heart. You can feel proud of who you are. YOU ARE ALLOWED! It just works that way. 

So stop the crap-ass judgment. The fight. The clawing. The needing validation through pain. Let society re-create their own Rockwellian portrait of life. That's not for us. And walking away from that farcical definition, you are free! You have nothing to try and re-create. All you have to do is create!


It's all up to you at any given moment. Wowee!

Now begin with the simple, freaking awesome, inner-truths of YOU. 

Bryce KennedyComment