The Heart is Secretly a Ninja Warrior

The heart is a beast. A secret ninja warrior! It beats over 100,000 times a day. It pumps 1.5 gallons of blood a minute. Each day it creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. And oh that other thing, it keeps us alive! I mean come on! This puppy is unreal. 

Let’s face it, the heart can do AMAZING things. In ancient days it was honored as the center of our universe. And now? Well, not so much. It gets beat down. We clench it, shame it, guilt it, fear it, run from it, hide it, and get angry at it. This poor gal just wants to keep us alive. She wants us to feel unbridled love. She wants to wrap us in a blanket and hold us when we hurt. The heart thinks. It feels. It fights for us. IT IS OUR SECRET NINJA WARRIOR. 

I mean think about it. Is there anything that fights for you like the heart? You could literally do the worst thing on earth and there it is, pumping away, generating energy. No judgment. Just undying love. FOR YOU! 

Here’s the thing. We feel A LOT in our hearts. And so naturally we shut it down. It’s scary. But it’s actually counterintuitive. The heart allows us to process the emotions that we are fighting not to feel. AH! It’s all bass ackward. It helps us get through the difficult stuff. It lets us be us. Feelings and all. I mean, that could be fun. NINJA WARRIOR!

SO! Right now, in this moment, check-in with your heart. How is she (or he) doing? Is she tight? Anxious? Angry? Loving? Huge? Small? Numb? Angelic? Whatever it is, it’s ok. But you must honor this Ninja Warrior. She is your ally throughout all of this. If she’s feeling something, just allow it to be there. Don’t run from it. Let the Ninja Warrior do what it does best, love the ever living hell out of you! Shut the mind off. No thoughts. Just feel. It will subside. It is an honoring of you. Of your heart. 

And then one day, when you least expect it, you and your heart become one. Together you turn into the ultimate, badass NINJA WARRIOR!

Bryce KennedyComment