Time to get real pissed!

First, HEY YOU!  It’s been a while. You’re lookin’ good. I like the new haircut. Me? Where have I been? Good question. ALL OVER! I’ve been on a tireless quest of the Self (dramatic, I know). Lot’s of wacky adventures. And I have been learning on a deeper level than I could have ever imagined. So, let’s dust Bryce’s Grand Experiment off and go ROARING BACK INTO THE SWING OF THINGS! First up, Time to Get Real Pissed!

It is literally time to get pissed. Pissed about something that isn’t working in your life. Something that you’re just so damned tired of dealing with that you are willing to go to hell and back for. I thought getting pissed was a bad thing. Oh, but it’s not. If used properly it can be one of the greatest fuels of your life. 

Ask yourself, right now, what are you so freaking pissed about in YOUR life? Where you would go to the top of a mountain and challenge the Gods to an all out battle. And once you figure that out, well, then you are free. You are free to do absolutely anything it takes to not be pissed. 

And by God you do it.

I’m talking about a full on assault of your life, apocalyptic style. No rules. Just blood thirsty hunger for things to change.  

As one starts to transform and live the life they want, they get tested. A lot. This is where you must be extremely careful of two very big things. Inaction and thinking like a bonehead (like everyone else). I am sooo guilty of both. Inaction is not taking the steps that you must take. The smallest ones are the biggest. Take them. One foot in front of the other. And you do not stop. NO MATTER WHAT! I loathe excuses. That’s it. And the second, thinking like a bonehead. Think outside the box. Totally new ideas that feed your SOUL. Remember, these are new ideas. Not bonehead normal person ideas. These are ideas that test the conforms of society. 

And these ideas must excite you, even if you are so absolutely terrified of them that you can barely speak. That’s when you know you’re on the right track.

Remember, this is apocalyptic style living now. Not weenie traditional living. What’s it going to take?!?!! I’ll tell ya: 


It’s time to get really pissed!

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